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(Noun) The process, or a period of changing from one state or condition to another


Who We Are

Prime Accounting Transitions helps with more than just the sale or purchase of an accounting practice. Each sale or purchase is different, and each firm comes to the table with different goals. At Prime Accounting Transitions, we tailor a plan for you based upon your individual needs.


We will never lump you into a cookie-cutter model!

Sales Programs

Sales Programs

There are many factors to consider when structuring a transition. Let us guide you through this process.

immediate sales plans

These plans help you into a quick, seamless transitions

  • Full equity sales

  • Retain a minimal workload

Progessive sales plans

These plans help you bring on a partner or partners and slowly transition your business

  • Partial equity sale or merger

  • Stay on for a period of time

Free Seller consultation

Where to begin:

At Prime Accounting Transitions, we come to you, and personally see to it that your individual concerns are satisfied. We can be at your office within 48 hours - or the first convenient time for you. Other firms may insist on doing consultations over-the-phone, and may even charge you or only show up when it's convenient for them. We know that each practice is unique and deserves the dedication of a seasoned professional

free practice valuation

Establishing your multiple:

The biggest concern that people have when selling their practice is: "What will the multiple be?" The next concern is: "What will the terms of the sale be?" During our valuation process, with your involvement, we will set a fair multiple and fair terms that will be both rewarding to all your years of effort, and acceptable to the marketplace. 

When hired

Your smooth transition is our #1 priority. We specialize in:

  • Customizing sale strategies

  • Practice valuation

  • Establishing desired price and terms

  • Transitioning your valued clients

  • Keeping your valued employees working

  • Always protecting your confidentiality

  • Pre-Qualifying and screening all buyers

  • Preparing all necessary documentation

  • Supporting all negotiations

  • Begining the contractual process with a licensed practicing attorney 


Ready to Start Something New?


All buyers are welcome. We understand that many of you already know what you want, and we will help you find the practice that suits your needs. We can also help those who are new to this process to obtain the knowledge needed to purchase a practice. If you qualify, we can find financing that can provide funds for up to 100% of the purchase price. 

  • Buyers will receive immediate notification of new sellers

  • Pre-qualification with our financing partners get 75%-100% of purchase price

  • We will help you develop a marketing strategy to purchase a practice


Merging can be an alternative to selling or buying with many different pathways. Let us consult and help you plan the best way to merge your firm with new partners.


Merging can allow you to:

  • Add services for your clients you cannot or choose not to do

  • Compete with larger firms while offering the same level of support you always have to your clients

  • Provide backup and support

  • Share expenses and resources

  • Develop an exit strategy if you are not ready to sell or cutback for several years

Prime Buyer Progam

Prime buyer program

During our years of experience, buyers have requested extended help in purchasing a practice. If you are one of these buyers, we offer:

  • Direct phone call notification of new sellers

  • Placement on our buyer listing section that allows sellers to view what you offer

  • Advanced purchasing strategies

  • Assistance in pre-qualification of financing

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